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Grievance Redressal Policy

Kniru Technologies Private Limited (“Kniru”) strongly believes in consistently providing the best experience to our customers. Despite our utmost care in services, negative customer experiences sometimes occur and must be handled with priority and care. We believe that quick and effective handling of complaints is essential to provide excellent customer service and we work tirelessly to achieve that level of experience for our customers.

As a part of its customer service policy, Kniru has established a Grievance Redressal Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”). The Policy aims to ensure that:

  • All grievances raised by customers and subscribers are resolved in a fair, transparent and timely manner.
  • All grievances are handled courteously and professionally by the designated officials of Kniru.
  • All grievances are recorded, monitored and reviewed periodically for improvement of service quality.

Definition of grievance

A grievance means any communication that expresses dissatisfaction about an action or lack of action, about the standard of service or deficiency of service of an intermediary or entity who is registered with the Authority and who has an obligation to redress the grievance.

Scope of grievance redressal

The Policy covers all grievances arising out of the services offered by Kniru. The Policy does not cover grievances arising out of the services offered by other intermediaries or entities under the NPS, such as:

  • Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA)
  • Pension Funds (PFs)
  • Trustee Bank (TB)
  • Annuity Service Providers (ASPs)
  • NPS Trust

For such grievances, the customers and subscribers are advised to approach the respective intermediaries or entities directly or through the CRA.

Grievance redressal mechanism

Kniru has designated a Grievance Redressal Officer (GRO) at its head office and at each branch office to handle and resolve the grievances received from customers and subscribers. The GROs are responsible for:

  • Receiving and registering the grievances in the Central Grievance Management System (CGMS) maintained by the CRA
  • Acknowledging the receipt of grievances within three working days
  • Examining and verifying the facts and circumstances of the grievances
  • Taking appropriate action to resolve the grievances within thirty days from the date of receipt
  • Communicating the resolution or rejection of grievances to the complainants along with reasons
  • Escalating the unresolved or pending grievances to higher authorities as per escalation matrix

The customers and subscribers can lodge their grievances through any of the following modes:

  • Online through CGMS portal (
  • Email to
  • Phone call to +918982979039
  • Letter or fax to Kniru head office or branch offices
  • Personal visit to Kniru head office or branch offices

For complaints related to retirement advisory, the customers and subscribers are required to provide their PRAN number, name, contact details and a brief description of their grievance while lodging their complaints. They can also attach any supporting documents or evidence if available.

The customers and subscribers can also track the status of their grievances online through CGMS portal by using their token number or PRAN number.