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Switch to Kniru - the Superior Mint Alternative

Switch to Kniru - the Superior Mint Alternative

Hey, Mint users! Meet Kniru - the most powerful AI powered personal finance app!

Quick Comparison

Account Integration



Syncs with all your financial accounts, from banks to investments to real estate. One app to rule them all!

Connects to multiple financial accounts but leaves out most of the juicy investment and real estate details.

AI-Powered Insights

Super-smart AI giving personalized insights on spending, saving, investments. Like a financial genius in your pocket!

Basic budgeting and trend analysis.

Personalized Financial Planning

Get advice that’s all about YOU. Tailored to your goals and risk tolerance. You’re the star here!

General financial tips that feel a bit one-size-fits-all.


Fort Knox-level data protection with cutting-edge encryption. Sleep easy!

Standard security protocols. Safe, but it's no Fort Knox!

Expense Tracking

Keep tabs on your expenses with comprehensive tracking, alerts, and insights. No more surprises!

Basic expense tracking. Gets the job done, but doesn’t wow.

Customer Support

24/7 customer support with personalized assistance. We’re here for you, day or night!
We often respond within seconds.

Standard support with long waits.


FREE FOREVER Commitment!
You’re here to save money, right? Kniru offers the most comprehensive core features like Seamless Account Connections, Spend Analysis, and Dashboards absolutely free. Pay only for the fancy AI magic!

Not Applicable. Mint has shut down, and users were pushed to migrate to Credit Karma, which currently does not have most of the features Mint had.