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Kniru Blog

We're on a mission to put a AI financial advisor in every human's pocket on this planet. We share our thoughts, lessons, and advice in this blog.

April 2024

The Impact of Internal and External Taxes on the American Revolution: A Historical Overview

This guide explores the pivotal roles of internal and external taxes in the American colonies, highlighting how these financial impositions by the British Parliament without colonial representation fueled the American Revolution.

April 2024

Complete Guide to Fed Rates and it's affects on Personal Investments

Explore how the Federal Reserve uses the federal funds rate to influence the economy, affecting everything from inflation to investment strategies, and how these changes can impact personal finances and investments.

April 2024

What is Tax Planning: A Detailed Guide

Unlock the secrets of effective tax planning with this detailed guide, covering everything from understanding taxable income to leveraging deductions and optimizing your tax benefits for financial success in 2024.

April 2024

6 Must-Read Books to Ace Commercial Real Estate Investing in 2024

Explore the top 6 must-read books for mastering commercial real estate investing in 2024, offering essential insights from foundational knowledge to advanced strategies for property management and investment growth.

April 2024

Complete Guide to CPA Charge for Amended Tax Return

Explore our definitive guide on amended tax returns and the importance of hiring a CPA for accurate preparation. Understand the factors affecting CPA charges, from return complexity to necessary forms.

April 2024

Complete Guide to Prepare Tax Returns in 2024

Navigate the complexities of preparing your tax returns in 2024 with our comprehensive guide. Learn about essential documents, tax filing statuses, and the benefits of starting early to ensure accuracy and compliance.

April 2024

How to use Shapeshift with Coinbase: A Complete Guide

Discover how to effectively use Shapeshift with Coinbase for your cryptocurrency trading needs. This guide covers everything from creating accounts on both platforms to linking them, selecting your cryptocurrency pairs, and executing exchanges.

April 2024

How to Improve 401(k) for Long term Wealth: A Complete Guide

Discover key strategies to enhance your 401(k) for long-term wealth, including leveraging pre-tax contributions, employer matches, and diversifying with alternative investments for a secure retirement.

April 2024

Tax Credit Exchange: A Guide for Businesses and Insurers

This guide delves into the Tax Credit Exchange, a dynamic platform where businesses and insurers can trade transferable tax credits, enhancing cash flow and reducing tax liabilities. Learn about eligibility, the exchange process, and how brokers can facilitate these beneficial transactions.

March 2024

Visa Debit vs US Debit Card: A Detailed Comparison

Check out Visa Debit vs US Debit, comparing their functionalities, global acceptance, and security measures. Get insights into choosing the right financial tool based on your financial habits and transaction preferences.

March 2024

Can I Have Two Car Loans At Once?

An in-depth guide on car loans, highlighting essential considerations such as evaluating financial readiness, understanding loan agreements, and exploring alternatives for financing a vehicle.

March 2024

Options Trading Cheat Sheet: Top Strategies and Success Metrics [Free]

Free Options Trading cheat sheet - Explore the essentials of options trading, from best practices and risk management to strategy selection, and unlock the potential for success in the trading world.

March 2024

Understanding Straight Loans: A Guide to Non-Amortizing Financing Options

A Complete Guide to Understanding Straight Loans - A type of term loan in which the borrower is responsible for making only interest payments throughout the term of the loan.

January 2024

Can You Lease a Car With Bad Credit?

Navigate Car Leasing with Bad Credit: A comprehensive guide to overcoming obstacles and securing a lease with tips for improving credit history, tailored for personal or business use.

June 2023

Account Aggregator System: India’s Open Banking Revolution

Account Aggregator - revolutionizing financial technology in India. Access to credit, financial, investment, and retirement advice is available at the touch of a button.

June 2023

AI-powered Financial Assistants: The Future of Personal Finance

AI-powered tools will revolutionize personal financial management and help individuals with budgeting, financial planning, investment decisions, retirement planning, tax advice, estate planning, and many other areas.